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Horses and the great outdoors are such a huge part of our lives, so we absolutely love working on horsey sites and branding!
With our personal experiences of equestrian products and services we think we can add extra value to your marketing that a non horsey company couldn't...

Case Studies


Bolsterstone Bespoke Bridles

Jess is a sole trader who specialises in bespoke leatherwork, including an array of bridles and tack, as well as repairs to over loved pieces! As all her pieces are bespoke she opted for a static responsive website which showcased her talent and expertise with big bold images and galleries. We also rebranded for her and came up with a classic style logo which would also look good on her leatherwork.



Sian specialises in diamante browbands, or sparkly equestrian accessories for the non horsey minded… We designed a site as pretty as her products, working with the BigCommerce eCommerce platform (we’re also Shopify Partners and can also work with WooCommerce). We added a social feed to keep up to date with her news without her having to post it to the site too and added in some of her happy clients' testimonials to the homepage.

'er equestrian experience

I've had Dolly for 5 years this year! She's a bit of a diva but she's a ginger Welshy mare so what can you expect? We do unaffiliated showjumping and hunter trials and are dabbling into ODE's. I've browsed countless equestrian eCommerce sites, competition venues, vets, trailer sales... Basically, if it's horsey, I can add extra value by being one of the target audience! Andy has had 2 years of training to be a non riding equestrian! His responsibilities include being top groom, trailer chauffeur and jump course builder! Get in touch if you'd like to chat about horses, I mean, websites...

See 'er and Dolly in action below:

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